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      Seapoconch Model-CZG300 Ultrasound Therapeutic Device for Arthritis

      Download the brochure of CZG300



      Principle of Focused Ultrasound Therapy

      Low intensity pulsed ultrasound is a form of mechanical energy that can be transmitted into living tissue safely as high frequency acoustical pressure waves and can be focused at targeted lesions. The micromechanical strains produced by these pressure waves can result in biochemical events at cellular level including promote the release of endogenous analgesic substance, enhance the nutrition exchange between joint fluid and cartilage cells, which restrain inflammation, repair cartilage and alleviate pain.

      Clinical and Technical Advantages

      1. Immediate symptom alleviation right after treatment

      2. Easy operation for doctors

      3. Precise targeting based on four independent adjustable transducers

      4. Ergonomic design

      5. Adjustable energy output from level 1 to 8

      6. Patient  friendly therapy without radiation or pollution

      Package Price: one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($150,000) to two hundred thousand US dollars ($200,000)